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    "I love meeting lots of different people and being out and about in the business, there is never a dull moment. Every project is really interesting; you never get two projects the same. What I mainly love about Saga as a whole are the people that work here.

    I get to meet lots of different people and everyone has the passion for Saga and the values"

    Debbie Steel, Senior Project Manager

  • Life at Saga

    Our values are who we are and how we work - they are brought to life every day by our people.

    We believe every interaction - whatever form it takes reflects our values, which are human, personal and warm. That's what makes us different!

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    "If we get it right if we deliver for our customers, if we give great service to them, and if we show that we genuinely mean it, that it's from the from the heart, that its passionate, that it's energetic, that's its enthusiastic, that it is real.

    It becomes palpable you can feel it, and people acknowledge that, they will see it. And they will pay us back massively with huge loyalty, by telling everyone about us, by making us the greatest businesses in the UK. We can then only but succeed."

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When you think of Saga do you think of just holidays or insurance?

We'll let you in to a secret - we are the UK's leading provider of financial services, holiday and healthcare products…as well as having a hugely successful subscription magazine all designed for the over 50's.Whether it's insurance for a car, a holiday abroad, or care in a home; we're in to it and our first thought is our customer.

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