Claire Jones

Claire Jones

How long have you been at saga?

I have been with Saga for just over 7 years

What has been your career highlight?

Some of the real highlights have been the incentives we've been on. As a team manager, I've won four incentives, which was a fantastic experience to share with my colleagues and my team and agents.

Tell us about your career at saga?

I came in as an external team manager, working in Sales in the Thanet Contact Centre for about two years. I really enjoyed the role and working with the other team managers, developed quite quickly. I applied for a secondment position in Holidays, which gave me a really good idea of whether or not I was suited to the role. When the secondment finished, I came back to Sales with a development plan so that I knew what I needed to do in order to get to the next step. I applied for a unit manager role in Sales and was successful, working in Middelburg for seven months before being given the opportunity to step-up as an operations manager, which is my current role.

What love about your job?

I love the role I'm in at the moment because it is such a challenge. The Outbound department is going through so many different phases of development at the moment, and being part of that and implementing new things and making the department evolve is a really good experience for me. Outbound is such a different place to the Inbound arena, getting agents to understand the ethos behind Outbound and make the sale has been one of the best things for me.