David Moore

David Moore

What are your career highlights?

I have a few highlights, qualifying as a Charted Management Accountant, and being promoted to Head of Commercial Finance.

Where did you start and how have you developed to where you are?

I've worked for Saga for best part of the last decade, starting off as a junior Assistant Business Analyst, helping to crunch data into the weekly MI packs. I was funding myself through the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualification, and needed to get into a Finance role to put some theory into practice. Once my foot was in the door, a vast array of opportunities opened up to me, and I worked my way through various accountancy roles, before eventually qualifying as a Chartered Management Accountant in 2007.

Saga supported me throughout my studies, both financially and by giving me the opportunity to continually broaden my experience. Since I qualified, I have supported various senior management teams around the business, working in both Insurance and Care, and at an Acromas Group level, being involved in the tactical and strategic management of those business. My role today as Head of Commercial Finance presents me with a range of challenges, from analysis to support day-to-day operations, to financial due diligence work on M&A activity, to financial modelling on ad-hoc projects.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

The continual challenge! The job seems to have infinite breadth in terms of variety and complexity. I love it and hate it all at the same time. It's a hard job, but it is rewarding when you succeed, and, ultimately, the most satisfying thing is getting a pat on the back from the people you are working hard for, and realising you've done a good job.