Debbie Steel

Debbie Steel

What are your career highlights?

I have a varied career, recently within the project team I was involved in the Saga Independent Living, I ran the project where we established the first Saga Shop in Hove, It was really interesting and great to work on something from start to finish. It was completely different from any other project I have worked on. It was challenging and rewarding, really nice to see everything come together and see that hard work had paid off.

Where did you start and how have you developed to where you are?

I have had a long career with Saga so far… I joined the company in 1994 straight from college and I joined a team called Household Vetting, my role was to check forms from customers and contact customers for information regarding claims and send details to the Underwriting team. I later applied for a job within Underwriting as I thought it would be good to see the other side of the process and use my experience from the Household vetting team. I was interviewed and successful and I began my journey of progressing in the company, I learnt about lots of different products to add to my knowledge of House products. I really enjoyed my time in Underwriting, every case was different and I saw lots of processes and technologies evolve along the way including the TIA system and work ACIL. I worked for a few different managers and I was exposed to lots of changes within the company. I applied for a secondment in 1999 in the Project team and I was successful, it later became a permanent position. The project side of the business really interested me and I haven't moved from the team since. My career has really developed within the Project team, I was made a Senior Business Consultant on a secondment period and this was later made a permanent position, I was then promoted to project manager and earlier this year I was promoted to Senior Project Manager. I have gradually worked my way up to the role of Senior Project Manager.

What do you love about your job?

I love the variety of projects and seeing tasks from start to finish is really rewarding. I love meeting lots of different people and being out and about in the business, there is never a dull moment. Every project is really interesting; you never get two projects the same. What I mainly love about Saga as a whole are the people that work here. I get to meet lots of different people and everyone has the passion for Saga and the values.

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

I love what I am doing so I would like to continue delivery projects that are beneficial to the company and customers. I hope to carry on doing the best job I can.