Life at Saga

The 10 best things about working at Saga?

So... You're probably asking yourself what are the best things about working at Saga. Here is a list compiled by current staff.

1. Saga provides a vast array of prospects. This is great as there is lots of opportunities where you could diversify and enhance your career within a variety of other roles.

2. You become part of an ever growing, tightly knit family of people, all passionate about carrying the Saga values and providing a world class service.

3. Whilst Saga is a huge company with over twenty thousand employees  it does not forget about a single one of them, providing a large range of company benefits discounts as well as fantastic Health care and pension scheme.

4. Communication within Saga is excellent, updates are regular. We all know what is going on throughout the business the objectives are clear and we all know we are working towards a better Saga which offers a world class service.

5. Saga will provide you with 6 weeks of full induction training which will leave you ready to take on any challenge. No stone is left unturned as you begin one of the best and most rigorous training courses where your knowledge will grow vastly as you learn in depth all the products and services that we provide to our customers.  With a fantastic support network and regular training updates you will always be confident in your ability and never feel out of your depth.

6. The range of incentive prizes is fantastic. I've been to a few VIP events that I wouldn't have been able to afford out of my own pocket. As a team we always work really hard towards these.

7. I feel that one of the best things about working for Saga is the fact you receive Quarterly business presentations from the CEO himself as he updates staff on how Saga is growing and particular highlights. You can also ask him any questions at the end and he will answer them there and then. This really makes you feel like you're part of something happening … and you really are. 

8. Although there are targets to hit and customers to serve I like the fact that there is relaxed working environment through out. Managers are friendly and will always help. If you can't get to grips with selling a product they will provide you with 1-on-1 training to get you back on track.

9. I like the fact that there are constant goals and I'm always working hard to achieve my targets set. There is a big range of things to try and achieve I really like this variety.

10. The canteen always has a huge variety of tasty food to choose from. They offer a choice of hot meals everyday as well as a sandwich and salad bar. There are also free hot drinks from the vending machines which are located on each floor, everyone really appreciates these.