Life at Saga

What Does Saga do to recognise great employees

At Saga, we want to let you know if you've done something great. We're always looking out for people who make a difference, and run several awards programmes to help give recognition to exceptional people and performance.

The Group function runs an 'Exceed Award', while Services and Travel both run monthly recognition schemes for their employees. Services run the 'Hall of Fame' and Travel like to know 'Who's Got You Talking' each month. Employees can nominate outstanding colleagues through the dedicated forums run for each programme. Winners from the year are entered into Saga's prestigious Employee of the Year awards ceremony, held every year, it's a really good opportunity for us to say thank you.

If you are an agent in the contact centres, there are plenty of target-based incentives to add an extra element of competition. In the Travel area, some agents attend 'educational visits' to resorts and hotels so they can truly provide our customers with an idea of what to expect. Customer Service and Sales offer regular incentive schemes too, with prizes to top entertainment attractions and weekends away.